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A formula for magical happiness

A Practical Formula for Magical Happiness

What is your happiness based on? It partly depends on your personality type. Are you a ‘taker, a ‘haver’, a ‘giver’ or a beggar? The happiness of a haver is based on what they have, the happiness of a taker is based on what they get. In studies, it is seen that out of all these different personality types, the givers are the happiest, regardless of their own personal circumstances.

As an example, there may be an elderly lady in your town. She herself may have health problems, but if she is the one whom everyone can rely upon, she is a ‘giver’. If anyone needs anything, she is always there and happy to help. It is shown that they feel blessed and are happier compared to anyone else, a kind of ‘magical happiness’ that is much more than what you would normally expect… now this is something that money can’t buy.

A personal experience

I will share my own personal experience in this. One time I was driving, and on the way I stopped and gave a lift to a hitchhiker. I was talking to this young man, and I realised he was hungry, so I asked him if he wanted my sandwiches, and he said yes. So he ate those sandwiches and I dropped him off. I went to the hospital where I was working that time where I was on a call. I was getting hunger contractions but I noticed that I was happy… but it was not just happiness, there was a special blissful feeling inside at the same time whilst having hunger contractions. I remember thinking, ‘…if just giving these sandwiches gives me this feeling, what else can I give away so I can maintain this wonderful experience?’ I also realised that all my life, I have consumed many things but none of those experiences gave me this kind of higher feeling, the feeling of Bliss.

The researchers of today observe that givers are happy but they as if have ‘magical happiness’, and this is something which money can’t buy. They also say that more of us have to experiment with giving. There is one secret in this. It will have the best results if it is anonymous.

One experiment you can do – if you have a chocolate, as an experiment don’t eat it, give it to someone who you suspect doesn’t get chocolates that often. However, it can’t be a spare chocolate. Also, see that you are giving away the chocolate that you like. Finally, it should be to a person that you don’t know. If you give it to someone in your social circle, there may be other factors that come in, such as calculated giving knowing that you may well be rewarded in some way.

Further still, If you are hungry and you still give it away, it is guaranteed that you will experience that magical happiness. Givers are the blessed ones, and also experience the luxury of a higher personality. We get lots of chances through our lives. Studies show that most of us receive lot more than what we give to society. For example, right now where I am, I have this technology, internet, transport systems etc and I hadn’t done anything to receive all this! People in the past have worked on these systems, such as the train network etc; they have invented things and I am on the receiving end of all this. There are experts in agriculture, food is grown, transported and it is all making my life so easy.

Silent giving

You can choose what you want to give, and it doesn’t even need to be something physical. For example say someone is walking past you, one can have silent thoughts of respect for the person, that is giving thoughts of love if you have that spiritual insight. Your vision and attitude can actually be of giving in this way, which is an uplifting thing for others. On the other hand, it is also possible for a person to be in the mindset of taker. ’Is he respecting me?’ or ‘Why is he not nice to me?’ This is a sign of a taking.

We can be a giver in all situations. At the moment we are looking into experiments with giving. In this, results are guaranteed. Other mindsets have their own feelings and results too. For example, takers, will experience complaints in their minds, with thoughts such as ‘Others are not giving enough!’ We always have a choice to be a giver and to be lucky, because simply the more we give, the more we discover what we have.

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